Rhonda Ross
Motown: The Musical
Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
205 West 46th Street
(between 8th Avenue & Broadway)
New York, NY 10036

www.motownthemusical.com for Official Information!!

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Previews Begin March 11, 2013

Starring Brandon Victor Dixon (Berry Gordy), Valisia Lekae
(Diana Ross), Charl Brown (Smokey Robinson),
Bryan Terrell Clark (Marvin Gaye), and many more!!

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The theatre looks so beautiful all adorned in "Motown Style"!!!!
Congratulations, Mr. Berry Gordy, Jr., on this WONDERFUL,
WONDERFUL ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!  I am so excited to see the
show, and I know it is going to be AMAZING!!!!  I want to
thank you for bringing the world so much joy through
"MOTOWN"!!!!  You have truly touched the lives of so many
people all around the globe!!!!  "Hitsville USA" was certainly
"The Sound of Young America" and provided the soundtrack to
our lives!!!!  Motown has been a very special part of my life
from the time that I was little, and you made it all happen!!!!  
Thank you again for all that you have done for us and continue
to do for us!!!!  The "Motown Sound" will always be a part of
our lives, and we will continue to enjoy it for years to come!!  

I am so EXCITED about "Motown: The Musical"!!!!  

Congrats again!!!!

Best wishes always,

P.S. It was such an incredible honor to meet you a few weeks ago
(a real dream come true)!!!!  Thanks again for EVERYTHING!!!!
Congratulations to the cast and crew of "Motown: The Musical"!!!!  I know you
are going to be fantastic!!!!  I can't wait to see the show on BROADWAY!!!!
Enjoy some of these videos
regarding the show!!
These videos are really great, and I can tell
that the show is going to be so much FUN!!!!  
There is nothing like "MOTOWN"!!
Enjoy these photos of Mr. Gordy and
"Hitsville USA" from over the years!!
This is where it all began...."Motown" was put on the
map in Detroit, Michigan....and "Hitsville USA" was
born...it became "The Sound of Young America"!!
You can see
Mr. Gordy is hard
at work creating the
"Motown Sound"!!!!
Here I am with Valisia LeKae who plays
Diana Ross!!  She is really SPECTACULAR in
this musical and is a wonderful person too
(she is super, super nice)!!!!
Here I am with N'Kenge who plays Mary Wells!!  
She is also FANTASTIC in this musical and is a
really, really nice person too!!!!
I saw Motown: The Musical twice and it is just
SPECTACULAR!!!!  Mr. Gordy is BRILLIANT!!!!  
I can't wait to see it again!!!!