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"Fan Reflections"

                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Mark C


Fans Start Submitting Your Stories and Reflections Today!!  Mark's Diana Ross Web Site wants to hear from you!!  You can email your stories to Mark.



Thank you, Elaine Gillie from Texas, for submitting
your great story and kind words to us!!  I appreciate your fantastic review of Miss Ross' recent concert in Dallas, TX!! 
I know the fans will enjoy reading your reflections! 
Thank you again!!

"Mark, I'm still grinning after seeing the fabulous Diana Ross last night in Dallas!
She was wonderful! The Supremes and Diana Ross have been part of my memory
for a long time now. My husband and I were high school sweethearts back in the day.
On March 18th we'll celebrate 44 years of love. It just gets does
Diana Ross! She is an exceptional entertainer who takes the audience with her
with her on an emotional journey that touches your heart and moves your soul.
Diana sang one song after another. Her voice was incredible and she looks like
a million! Please let her know she has made so many so happy for so long. We feel
as though we have a shared history because of her music. She knows how to
please an audience and she delivers. Thank you Ms. Ross, you bring it!"

Elaine Gillie
North Richland Hills, TX


Thank you, Rebecca Reed from New Jersey, for submitting
your fantastic reflections to us!!  Your story is amazing!! 
I know everyone will enjoy reading it!  Thank you again!!

"Hi Mark!  It's funny, ever since I was a kid I have loved Diana Ross  . . . . I like all
kinds of music but she has always been my favorite, back from her Sesame Street
Days.  I've seen her in concert many times---the first was the Central Park concert
when I was 12.  I begged my aunt to take me into the city.  Although we were in the
back, just being there was amazing.  We were there the second day (when it was nice
out).  While I was in college she was playing in a small theater in Wilkes-Barre, PA. 
I slept out on the sidewalk to guarantee front row seats.  Those were the good
old days when you could score front row tix fairly, lol.   Anyway I had front row seats
right at the bottom of the stairs.  I didn't sit down once, I was in awe to be that close. 
When she started singing "Working Overtime" she pointed at me to come up on
stage and we danced the entire song.  I think I was in shock.  I  remember hugging
her at the end and thinking that her hair was incredibly soft.  Unfortunately pictures
were forbidden and I don't have a single piece of visual proof that I danced with her
(darn pre-internet days).  Although I have seen her several times after that I will never, ever forget that day.  I last saw her at Caesar's in Atlantic City.  I was in the 5th
row . . best I could get without being a high roller. . . I would
 have given anything to have been in that front row!!"



Thank you, Amera Mirano from Alberta, Canada, for  submitting your wonderful reflections to us!!  I appreciate reading your great account of Miss Ross' fabulous show in Saratoga, CA, and I know the fans will enjoy reading
your story, too!  Thank you again!

"Been awhile since we are you?????  It has been an incredibly busy
couple of weeks for me...flew directly to California after spending a week in
New York for Spring 2011 shoe show.  Where does the time go???? 
Spent [3] three days in Saratoga...what a FABULOUS little place.
The venue MISS ROSS played was absolutely spectacular...and though the show was
not as elaborate with the big screens...and all that she had at the much larger venues....MISS ROSS shone brighter than the nite sky...I felt sorry for the stars....
actually trying hard...yet failing to match her BRILLIANCE!  The venue was small...intimate...and positively breathtaking... as she was... up close and personal...
I felt as though I could reach out and touch her.
She had a grand time...and you can clearly tell this lady...was born to sing...and she
loves nothing more than to be on stage...wearing those gowns ...that only MISS ROSS could do justice too ...and singing her heart out.
Smiling the entire time...she was radiant...glowing.... with such lite and could not possibly help.... but fall in love with her all over again.
One could feel all the love and energy throughout the entire show...
she never stopped smiling...absolutely flawless!!!!
MISS ROSS has been performing for many years...
like fine wine...I swear she just gets better with age.
Thought you might be interested in knowing.... how much I enjoyed the show!!!!
Life is much too short...I intend to savor every moment I can!!!!!
It is unfortunate that we never got the opportunity to meet...perhaps at another show.
Just got my tickets for Ontario in September...God Willing we shall see you there!
Be safe well"




Thank you, Vicky Foulks from Los Angeles, CA, for submitting this great story and for sharing your memories with us!  I am sure the fans will enjoy reading your reflections!

"Hi Mark, I was 11 years old living in the Chicago area where I was born. I remember watching the Supremes on Ed Sullivan show and fell in love with the Supremes ever
since then. I am like Diana 40 years later and still loving Diana Ross. I am a huge
fan, having bought every album and now CD's. I have all her movies and have seen
"Lady Sings the Blues" at least 10 times. I have seen Diana Ross so many times live
in many different places.  I have lived in the Los Angeles area now for 33 years.
When she was at Caesar's Palace, I saw her at least 5 times there. I have seen
her at the Hollywood Bowl, Universal Amphitheater, The Forum in La,
Orange County Performing Arts in 2008, and Nokia LA on June 9, 2010.

     On June 11, 2010, I saw her at an outdoor concert Humphrey's Concerts at the Bay - really intimate and fun! I interacted with her dancing and waving at her. She wanted
to get off the stage and dance with us but was afraid of falling off the stage. This
tour she just finished was a tribute to Michael Jackson and it was so special. She
gave it 150% - she really out did herself.  All her shows were sold out or close
to sell out. She was loved by everyone and her fans showed her so much love. She
shows so much love to her fans that you cannot help wanting more when it is finished. She does such a great job that you cannot wait for more!! Until we meet again, Diana.

Thanks Mark for this wonderful site for us to spread the love of Diana Ross!!!"


Thank you, Jim Brown from MI, for submitting these great memories!  I am sure the fans will enjoy reading your story!

"Diana Ross is doing great at 66 and brings back memories of when Iíd stay awake
in bed late at night listening to my 2 transistor radio.  They had just made transistor radios somewhat affordable and they were replacing the radio tubes. Any portable
radio was just beginning to gain ground in those days and WKNR Keener 13 was big. 
You usually had to have an ear plug because they were not powerful enough to play
loud on the small speaker at that time.  In addition, I didnít want my dad to hear the radio and come into my room so the ear plug was a great tool.  I was young and
foolish when I got my first transistor radio and thought that if I wrote down the time
that Diana sang a song that I could listen to it the next day. Well, it only took me one night to learn my mistake and that they played songs at random times.  I was 14 when one of my friends said she really liked the Supremes' cover of "Lovers Concerto" and so
it became one of my favorite 45ís along with many other Supreme songs."


Mark's Diana Ross Web Site wants to hear from you!!

Personal Message from Mark about this new feature:

Hi everyone!  I have an idea that I would like to share with you.  Here it is.  So often I receive emails from Diana Ross fans from all over the world thanking me for running the site, and they always tell me so many great stories regarding their memories of Diana Ross' songs, concerts, TV appearances, etc.  I think you get the picture.  I always appreciate these kind emails, and I thank you for all of your support over the last 5 years with this site.  (Wow, I can't believe that it has been 5 years already!  Where does the time go??)  It has certainly been a work in progress, and it has been really fun being able to bring you information on
Diana Ross!  I try to keep it updated on a regular basis for you.  I, like so many
of you, became a fan of Diana Ross as a little kid, and her music and concerts have brought me so much joy and happiness over the years!  I started this site
as a tribute to Miss Ross, as a way to share some of this joy with the fans,
educate people that might just be learning about Diana Ross, and to just have
fun with it.  It has been a rewarding experience running this site, and I hope
that you continue to enjoy it each time you visit. 

After reading all of your emails, I often think, wow, I am sure that so many of
the fans would love to hear some of your stories and reflections.  I have been
thinking of a way to incorporate you into the process of this site for a long time now, and I came up with the idea of a "Reflections Section".  I would like to
post your reflections, memories, photos, or whatever you would like to share
with other fans.  I am not looking for long letters.  A few lines or a small
paragraph would be fine.  You could address it to me, other fans, or even
Diana Ross.  You might want to share where you were the first time you heard your favorite Diana Ross or Supremes song, a memory of a great concert, a TV special, etc.  I want this to be fun, and I thought that other Diana Ross fans
might be interested in hearing your stories.  If you are interested in being a
part of this, please let me know via email (my address is at the bottom of the page).  I would really like to hear from some of you, and please keep
those wonderful emails coming in!!

Here are a few basic rules regarding your participation in the Reflections Section:

1.  You must be over the age of 18 to participate in this feature.

2.  Your comments may be edited for grammar or length.

3.  I reserve the right to pick and choose what I will post on this site, and
only positive things about Diana Ross will be posted here.  If you
have negative things to say, your messages will not be posted.  I also
reserve the right for the length of time that your messages will be posted.

4.  You must include your name and where you are from (City & State or Country) to be posted with your message.  Your mailing addresses, email addresses,
and phone numbers may not be submitted and will not be posted
 with your messages if they are submitted.

Again, I want this to be fun and something that will be an enjoyable
experience for you and the fans.  If you are interested in
participating in this feature, please let me know.

Thank you,




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